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Omnicraft: From A/C Parts, to Water Pumps, Brakes & Alternators, Buicks to Toyotas… We’ve Got What You Need.

Omnicraft is the newest member of the Ford family of parts, offering affordable, reliable parts designed for non-Ford repairs. With over a century of parts heritage to build upon, Omnicraft is a quality choice for your business.

All Warranties Are Not The Same.

The Omnicraft limited parts warranty, backed by Ford Motor Company, has details that will get you fired up. In a good way. Now, no matter what make or model vehicle you drive, you can get quality auto parts at a competitive price, and backed by an impressive 24-month, unlimited kilometer, warranty right here at Lacombe Ford and Lacombe Quick Lane. See for yourself…

Omnicraft Line of Parts

Brake Pads & Rotors

Friction material matched to vehicle family and usage.

Ready to install out of the box Ceramic pads are formulated for:

  • High heat tolerance with little fade
  • Quiet and low dusting braking performance
    Semi-metallic pads are formulated for:
  • High heat absorption pulls heat out of the braking system
  • Consistent braking performance with excellent cold bite

Rotors and Drums

GG15HC formulated high carbon casting for:

  • Enhanced heat dissipation and extended brake life
  • Low noise propensity and resistance to brake judder
    • Rotor Coating for:
  • Corrosion prevention and increases rust resistance
  • Clean appearance for open wheels

Brake Calipers

  • Features OE casting for most makes and includes new square-cut seals, O-rings, boots, bleeder screws, copper washers, banjo bolts and hardware, including brackets (when applicable)
  • OE piston material (Steel and Phenolic)
  • Rigorous standards include 96-hour salt spray to ensure corrosion resistance
  • 100% pressure tested to help reduce comebacks
  • E-coated for long life:
    • Helps reduce fade with heat or UV exposure
    • Protects against corrosion and rust
    • Superior to powder coating
    • Includes coating on bracket bores and parking brake components
    • Stylish high-gloss appearance

A/C Condensers

  • Designed to meet optimum heat-transfer/rejection performance requirements
  • Precise dimensional design and production standards help provide a trouble-free installation
  • Designed to help maximize radiator airflow and maintain optimum engine-cooling capabilities
  • Tested to help provide long life reliability and performance
  • Helium leak-test to ensure structural integrity
  • Rugged pressure, vibration and damage resistance tests establish core integrity and surpass real-world driving conditions
  • Systematic quality checks throughout production minimize defects
  • Zinc diffusion layer helps prevent corrosion from severe weather
  • It is recommended that the condenser be replaced if there is ever a failure in which debris has entered the A/C system

A/C Compressors

  • Precision-designed using 3D coordinate measuring to ensure a precise fit
  • Includes latest design enhancements, including select models with control valves, for excellent performance and quiet operation in even the toughest conditions
  • Select part numbers (QYCC11 and QYCC75) feature enhanced designs that help ensure quiet performance and long life
    • Enhanced features include a MoS2-coated swashplate, five Teflon-coated pistons, a built-in discharge muffler and improved center seal lip
    • These enhancements diffuse piston pressure, leading to a 9% decrease in power consumption and smoother A/C refrigerant flow that helps reduce noise and increase compressor life
    • Increase from three to five pistons reinforces the center case and with improved center seal helps decrease leaks under harsh conditions
  • Electrical connectors, O-rings and seals included as required

A/C Accumulators

  • Omnicraft accumulators and driers are designed for optimum performance and meet or exceed manufacturer’s requirements in these key areas:
    • Airtightness
    • Pulse pressure
    • Anti-corrosiveness
    • Moisture absorption
    • Temperature, vibration and pulse resistance
  • Thorough testing helps ensure excellent performance and long life even in extreme real-world conditions
  • Desiccant is tested and assembled in a controlled environment and formulated to help absorb maximum refrigerant moisture
  • Welds are manufactured to remain leak-free and are leak tested to help ensure reliable operation
  • O-rings and seals included as required
  • It is recommended that the accumulator/drier and corresponding expansion valve be changed whenever the A/C system is opened for service or otherwise exposed to the elements


  • Premium bushings and brushes for long service life
  • High efficiency solenoids minimize battery starting power demands


  • Premium brushes and components lead to a long service life
  • Compatible with sensitive electronic systems

Oil Filters

  • Up to 96% efficiency at 20 microns
  • Steel cases are ironed for precise fit and fluted for easy removal

Loaded Struts

  • Eliminates the need to compress spring
  • Calibrated to compensate for age and mileage wear

Ask our team of professionals for more information about your specific vehicle and it’s Omnicraft parts.

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