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Is Your Vehicle Road Trip Ready? 

Summer is finally here, and you are ready to get out on the open road and explore your own backyard. Or maybe even further, and you are exploring Canada with a cross-country road trip. You have your trip planned, complete with all the best road-side attractions, and you've made a packing list for a month on the road.

But what about your car?roadside 20scary

Is your vehicle as ready for a long trip away from home as you are? Not much else puts a damper on those travel plans like having your car break down hundreds of kilometers from home.

Keep reading for our tips to get your car as ready for a road trip as you are.

Scheduled Maintenance

Service intervals on your car are scheduled by distance and time. How far do you plan to go on your trip and how long since your last oil change? If you're going to hit a service milestone mid-trip, you may want to take care of that job early.

Your vehicle needs more than oil to run efficiently, other fluids include oil, radiator fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid, transmission fluid and windshield washer fluid. At your oil change appointment before you head out on your adventure, ask for a fluid test and top off as well. Remember, when you visit Lacombe's Quick Lane Tire and Auto Center they will take care of all of this for you in one great package. 


We are sure by now you have switched your tires over to your summer ones. And, if you haven't, this is your reminder to switch your tires over now. But there is a bit more to consider when it comes to your tires before heading out on a long trip.

Check your air pressure. Underinflated tires are guaranteed to waste gas while overinflated tires make ride quality worse. Most cars will tell you how much air you need in your tires in the owner's manual or on a sticker inside the driver's door.

Don't forget about tire rotations and wheel alignments. toonie test 300x300

Even if your tire pressure is correct, variations in suspension calibration, weight balance, driving habits, and road conditions can make tires wear at different rates. Swapping tires from right to left or front to rear helps them last longer because each spot wears down a tire in different areas. It's also extremely important to have your wheels aligned once a year; pot holes in the summer and ruts in the winter cause vehicles to bump out of alignment and this creates issues for all your driving components.

And finally, will your tires make it through a trip, or is it time to get a new set? The tried and true Toonie Test is a great way to test how much tread is left on your tires. If the tread falls on the silver part of the coin, it is time for new tires. While your measuring your tread depth, make sure to inspect the sidewalls of your tires for any cuts, bulging or damage.

There is nothing worse than getting a flat tire, and it is even worse when you are far from home. Do what you can to mitigate those chances before you leave home.

Other Components

There are so many parts involved in keeping your vehicle well maintained. Before hitting the open road, we suggest getting your brakes checked, changing your air filters, and testing your battery.

Don't forget your wiper blades too! w i p e r 20 b l a d e s 202

Chances are you will get caught in the rain at some point while on the road, for a small cost you can be sure to see clearly in the event of increment weather.

All the "extra" checks may seem time consuming and expensive but if you book your maintenance at Lacombe Quick Lane Tire and Auto Center you'll notice the inspection and extra tests are part of your schedule maintenance visit. One stop, one appointment and if you take advantage of the free pick up and delivery service you don't even have to be there.

Tidy Up

You are going to be in your vehicle for long stretches of time during your road trip, you will want it to be as pleasant as possible.

Make sure you clear out all the garbage, hang up a new air freshener, and organize everything in your trunk so there is plenty of space, and everything is easy to find.

Don't forget to bring along items to keep your vehicle as clean and stress-free as possible. Things like extra garbage bags and backseat organizers can help keep your vehicle tidy while travelling.

It may sound like a lot to do before you hit the road, but the Quick Lane team will make it easy for you! Talk to our advisors today, and they will help you get road trip ready! in no time at all!

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