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The Importance of Wheel Alignment Checks During Spring

As the seasons change and temperatures fluctuate, your vehicle's wheel alignment can be thrown off, affecting handling and tire wear. We've put together four reasons why your spring wheel alignment is crucial for your safety on the road.

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Tire Wear:

Improper wheel alignment can cause uneven tire wear, leading you to purchase tires a lot more often, this also causes reduced traction on the road. As temperatures rise in the spring and summer, tire pressure also fluctuates, increasing the effects of misalignment. Learn how to inspect your tires here. 


Handling and Stability:

Correct wheel alignment ensures that all four wheels are pointing in the same direction, promoting stable handling and proper steering response. Misaligned wheels can cause your vehicle to pull to one side or feel unstable, especially at higher speeds.

Fuel Efficiency:

Misaligned wheels can actually increase rolling resistance and drag, reducing fuel efficiency and increasing fuel consumption. By maintaining proper wheel alignment, you can optimize fuel efficiency and save money at the pump, especially as gas prices tend to rise in the spring and summer months. For more tips on improving your fuel efficiency, check out our blog post here. 


Suspension Component Wear:

Misalignment can put added stress on your suspension components, including ball joints, tie rods, and control arms, leading to premature wear and potential failure. Regular wheel alignment checks and adjustments help prevent costly repairs and ensure your vehicle's suspension system operates smoothly and safely.

Schedule a spring wheel alignment check at Quick Lane Tire & Auto Centre to ensure your vehicle's handling, tire wear, and fuel efficiency are optimized for the warmer months ahead. Our experienced technicians will inspect your vehicle's alignment, let you know if you need a full alignment, and make any necessary adjustments to keep you safe on the road. Book your appointment here!

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