So, you’re looking for options when it comes to purchasing new tires. You’d like a good quality tire, but you need to keep your budget in mind. Have you considered buying a set of take-off tires? A set of … what? Take-off tires are tires that have been taken off of a brand new vehicle. This is done when the buyer prefers a different set of tires than ones installed on the new vehicle at the factory. Vehicle manufacturers typically install a good “mid-range” tire on new vehicles when they roll off the assembly line. Some buyers, however, prefer a better-quality tire or have a preference for a specific brand so dealerships will remove the OEM tires.

“Take-off tires are substantially reduced in price”

These take-off tires are like new and generally have only a few kilometres on them. Though the mileage is negligible, they cannot be sold as new tires, per se. Therefore, the take-off tires are substantially reduced in price (by as much as 70 per cent) and offer buyers an affordable “new tire” option. The downside, take-off tires do not come with a tire warranty. If you are shopping only new, learn more about the differences between new tires and wheels sets. For most buyers, the savings to be had more than balance out the lack of a tire warranty.

Replacing your old tires with a new set of quality “take-off” tires can make tire replacement far less costly and more affordable than ever. Most of our take-off tires have up to 99 per cent of the tread remaining. Whatever your brand preference, chances are you’ll find close to what you’re looking for. Here at Lacombe Ford and Quick Lane Tire & Auto Centre, we sell take-off tires by some of the leading manufacturers: Michelin, Goodyear, BFGoodrich, Firestone, Continental, Hankook, Toyo, and many others. And with take-off tires, you have the option of purchasing a single tire, pair, or a full set of four. If we don’t have the exact tire you’re looking for, and we can recommend another tire that will match your vehicle’s specifications. Get a quote now!

“Take-off tires deliver “like new” performance without the new tire price tag.”

Keep in mind that take-off tires are not always available. If you’re looking to upgrade and looking for a fantastic deal on tires, check with our Parts Department or Quick Lane Tire & Auto Centre by email or phone 403-782-6869. If tires are available, they’ll let you know, and they can also advise you as to when tires swaps and upgrades are happening at the dealership. Take-off tires deliver “like new” performance without the new tire price tag. See us today for complete details.