Looking Good 2020 Superduty!

The demand has been high, line ups long and after reading this you’ll see why you need to get in today to build your Superduty, don’t wait or you’ll miss out.

Some changes are coming to the new 2020 Superduty that make this already class dominating truck look even more aggressive and intimidating in the heavy duty category.

There are few notable changes coming to the 2020 Superduty’ s and in this blog post we will review those stand out ones.

New grille, head/tail lamps and wheels/tires;

    • The new Grille is a bolder design allowing for an increase in air flow to the engine.
    • Upgraded head/tail lamps have stylish LED illumination for improved vison in those low light situations.
    • All-new wheel options and tires feature a more aggressive (grrr), more open design that will increase air flow to the brakes.

Engine and transmission;

  • 7.3L V8 Gas Engine: Well the new 7.3L V8 is the answer you’re looking for, it’s designed to give all the power, torque and capability that you need. This is available on the F-250 & F-350, single and dual rear wheels and on the XL through Platinum trim levels.
  • Want more power (who doesn’t), more torque and more capability, than the standard 6.2 L V8 can give you, but don’t want to jump right to the POWERSTROKE Turbo Diesel? Hello, all-new 10 Speed Transmission
    • For that added performance the 2020 Superduty now offers an available ALL-NEW 10 Speed transmission, this will optimize drive ratios and improve shift performance and efficiency. This also reduces emissions and minimizes the wear and tear on the other parts of the truck.
  • 6.7L POWERSTROKE Diesel: This bad boy isn’t going anywhere, with over 10 years of proven reliability & durability it stands the test of time.

There are so many more features on these new 2020 Superduties we could go on and on, but the best way to see them is to call us, so we can sit down and build you your own 2020 Superduty.

Remember that now is the time to order yours, the initial demand for these new trucks was great and if you want your new 2020 Superduty within the first 3 months of the upcoming new year, you need to get in now and place that order. Andrew and team look forward to hearing from you!

Andrew James – Commercial Account Manager

Heather Johnstone – Commercial Sales Administrator