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5 Reasons Regular Vehicle Maintenance is Important

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Your vehicle is not just a convenient mode of transportation. It is a necessary part of life, especially for folks living in a more rural setting. Not only that, it is an investment!

You spend a lot of time in your car, whether it be running errands or commuting to work. Take care of your car and your car will take care of you!

This is not the only reason to take regular vehicle maintenance seriously. There are several other factors that should be considered.

  1. Increased Safety

Following the correct car maintenance schedule will increase your overall safety while on the road. Regular maintenance and service to your vehicle will prevent parts from breaking and larger issues from arising. Technicians and mechanics will be able to mitigate potential disasters through regular maintenance, in short, your mechanic will be able to see a future problem and help you find a solution. It is worth noting, some manufacturer recommended maintenance schedules do not account for harsh weather conditions, like ours in Alberta. Talk with your mechanic about the best plan to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape.

A breakdown at night on a quiet road can be a dangerous situation. While you can never predict when and if that will ever happen, regular maintenance reduces the probability of a breakdown.

  1. Keeps Your Car Performing at its Best

Going hand-in-hand with increased safety, regular maintenance of your vehicle will also keep it working at its absolute best. This means better tire traction, more stable steering, better fuel economy and more reliable engine starts, all of which works in hand with your safety. When you neglect maintenance, it gives way to minor problems developing that can become major problems with continued neglect of vehicle maintenance.

Regular maintenance of your vehicle gives you an opportunity to check whether there are any signs of potential problems and keeps your vehicle humming along.

  1. Saves You Money

Big fixes on your vehicle are costly, and when they happen suddenly it can put a damper on any future plans. Regular maintenance will prevent larger, more costly issues from arising. With a maintenance visit at our Quick Lane Tire & Auto Center, you’ll receive a full report card of the included inspection. This grading system works on a red (needs attention now), yellow (attention will be needed soon) and green (proper working order) system. By knowing in advance, aka the yellow grade, you can begin budgeting and preparing for future repairs or replacements.

Also, most manufacturers, including Ford, offer flexible pre-paid maintenance plans to help reduce your maintenance costs. These can be purchased when you buy your vehicle, the cost included in your monthly payments, or you can purchase a package after the fact within a certain time and kilometer guideline. Pre-paid maintenance plans are more affordable when compared to “pay-as-you-go.” It’s a package deal and you’re protected by inflation; increased labour or parts prices. Not to mention, the ease and convenience of servicing under pre-paid… Leave your wallet at home, it’s all covered and paid for!

  1. Keeps Car Value High

Planning on selling your vehicle in the near, or far, future? Then you should stay on top of your maintenance schedule. These services will make driving it a more pleasant experience for you, but it will also keep the value of your car high. Your vehicle will stand out from the rest when you can provide complete service records to potential buyers. People will pay to know that vehicle was cared for and with service records they can feel more assured of no hidden repairs or broken components.

When you go to sell your car, you will get more money if you took good care of it.

  1. Loyalty Pays Off

The easiest way to stay on track with your maintenance is to choose a local dealership or auto service centre you can trust and rely on. Taking your vehicle to the same place for servicing and repairs is no different than choosing your family doctor. When you visit, they know your vehicle’s history, your name and your driving habits. They will provide confident, professional advice and service that will make sure your car is safe and operating efficiently. On top of building a relationship with your mechanics and advisors, your records are properly documented. Lastly, as a loyal customer, if issues or concerns do arise, it is more likely a team that knows you will step up and earn your complete satisfaction easier and quicker.

When thinking about where you should maintain your vehicle, consider everything: convenience, professionalism, and affordability. At Quick Lane Tire and Auto Center, you can take advantage of free pick-up and delivery for your appointments; or a complimentary shuttle to wherever you need; or enjoy snacks and refreshments in the waiting area. Whatever is the easiest, hassle-free way for you they will accommodate. The technicians are highly knowledgeable and extensively trained on yearly curriculums and programs, your car is in safe hands. You’ll be greeted by a friendly Service Advisor who will be ready to go through everything with you before the appointment, stay in touch during the servicing and walk-through everything afterwards. Then a couple days after your visit, a customer care representative will follow-up to ensure everything was exactly as you expected.

Full service is a lot more than it seems at Quick Lane Tire and Auto Center, as their slogan goes, “Life is Better in the Quick Lane!”

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