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Understanding Tire Warranty

Tires are one of the most important and frequently replaced components on your vehicle. With proper care, a set of tires should last for years, but occasionally, they wear out prematurely. All major tire manufacturers have comprehensive tire warranties to protect consumers from paying full price for a replacement tire resulting from an early demise. Some tire brands are better than others with their warranty coverage and it's essential to read the small print. Depending on the warranty coverage, not all types of damage qualify under the warranty.

Price shouldn't be your only factor when shopping for tires... consider the warranty coverage

Generally speaking, most tires have a "use-able" life of about five years from the date of purchase and should be replaced when the tread depth reaches 2/32 of an inch. All tires manufactured in North America have tread-wear indicators found in the tire tread grooves - small bars that run perpendicular to the grooves. If the wear has reached the indicators, it's time to replace the tire. If you're unsure of what to look for, your local tire shop will be happy to check the tread depth, usually at no charge.

Today, every tire comes with a tread life warranty. And nearly every tire has a mileage estimate, based on the number of kilometres travelled under typical driving conditions. Should a tire wear out before the estimated mileage limit, it may qualify for replacement. You will be required to show proof-of-purchase and that your vehicle was serviced at recommended intervals. The manufacturer will likely prorate the cost of a new tire based on the percentage of tread remaining on the old tire.

Exceptions to Tread-Life Warranties

  1. Split-size fitments and winter tires.
  2. Some high-performance cars have different tires on the front than on the back, so they cannot be rotated in the traditional sense. Typically, the warranty on the rear tires will be less than the front as the rear tires will generally wear twice as fast.
  3. Often damage caused by road debris and driving accidents are not covered unless a road-hazard warranty is specified (ran over a nail, hit a curb, etc.). But there are some packages that cover these type of issues and aren't necessarily from the tire manufacturer but available through the finance offices at dealerships.
Road Hazard Warranties commonly come into play when you have a flat tire due to an accident, as mentioned above. If your tire can be repaired, the road hazard warranty will likely cover the repair. If repair is impossible, it will generally prorate the cost of a new tire based upon the wear and remaining mileage. A road hazard warranty is essentially an insurance policy against a potential issue outside a manufacturer defect or premature aging.

Some tire manufactures will include a one-year, limited coverage road hazard warranty at no additional charge with your tire purchase. Today, most tires are manufactured under such strict protocols, that a tire failure or defect due to poor workmanship is rare. For peace of mind, most tire manufacturers offer coverage against defects for the tire's life. And most will replace the tire at no charge should the tire fails before reaching the 2/32 mark.

Don't Void Your Warranty

You can also void a tire warranty if you fail to perform regular maintenance. Hang onto your receipts! If you cannot provide proof of proper inflation, rotations, and alignment, your tire warranty will likely be void as neglect of these vital services will increase tread wear and reduce tire life. Remember, the three keys to long tire life are: inflate, rotate and evaluate. Keep your tires inflated to the manufacturer's recommended pressure. Rotate your tires every 8000 kilometres and inspect your tires periodically for any cuts, bumps, or inconsistent wear patterns.  You can learn how to properly inspect your own tires by CLICKING HERE.Proper tire care and vehicle maintenance will ensure years of worry-free driving. And should you need it, your tire warranty is there to ensure worry-free tire repair and replacement.   To learn more about tire warranties, speak with the tire experts at your local tire shop or Quick Lane Tire & Auto Centre. Shopping tires? GET A QUOTE, our friendly team will send you 3 options and it will a include a full breakdown of warranty details and comparison.
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