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Inspecting Your Tires

Tires play a huge role in your driving experience and are crucial to your vehicle's safety and overall performance. Think about it: your tires are the only contact your vehicle has with the road surface. The better the tires, the better the control, acceleration, braking and ride.

Tires that are badly worn:

  • Have reduced control
  • Poor ride and handling
  • Put unnecessary wear on front-end components
  • Significantly reduce fuel economy

Failure to ride on "good rubber" can lead to catastrophe!

Accident reports suggest that in North America, over 10-thousand vehicle crashes each year are the result of tire failure. Most of these accidents were the result of under-inflation, worn-out treads and blowouts. A little time spent on regular tire inspection and maintenance can save time, money and lives! Tire inspections should be performed monthly with tire issues dealt with immediately. TIP: Add a recurring reminder to your phone! This way you'll stay on top of it without much effort.

Inspection Process:

Check #1: Tire Pressure! Perhaps the simplest thing you can do regularly is check your tire pressure. The ideal pressure will be found in your owner's manual, on the driver's side door pillar and on the side of each tire. Maintaining proper tire pressure ensures even wear, better control and safer performance on the road.
  • Your local tire shop will perform a tire pressure check free of charge.
  • You can perform this check yourself by purchasing an inexpensive tire pressure gauge from your local hardware store or automotive parts/supply shop.
  • Most gas stations have tire pressure gauges available to use. Look for the station with an air pump service.
Check #2: Sidewalls! Take a close look at the sidewalls of your tires for telltale signs of wear or failure. Things to look for include:
  • Cuts, gouges and scrapes can be the result of potholes, curbs and debris on the roadway.
  • Cracking or bulging occurs when rubber begins to degrade from exposure and everyday wear. Cracks and bulges are a surefire sign that tire failure is imminent. Tires with such serious issues must be replaced immediately.
If you're unsure about the condition of your tires or what to look for, visit your Quick Lane Tire & Auto Centre today. The expert team can inspect your tires as well as help you with a proper tire maintenance schedule that includes tire rotations, balancing and alignments. All of these regular services are vital to the longevity of your tires! It helps you stay safe and save money at the same time! And remember, tires also have an expiry date! Click HERE to learn where your tire's expiry date can be found. If your tires show signs of wear or sidewall damage, have them inspected immediately by the team at Quick Lane Tire & Auto Centre. We stock tires for all makes and models of vehicles, so whatever you drive, we've got you covered. CLICK TO BOOK AN APPOINTMENT
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