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What happens to tires when your vehicle is parked too long?

What happens to tires when a vehicle is parked for an extended period of time? You may think because your vehicle is parked - especially in a garage - that the tires will be fine. But here's something to consider: your tires support the entire weight of your vehicle, and if left in one position, they will eventually lose pressure, deflate and warp. And while checking the tire pressure and re-inflating the tires can help, those tires will not be safe to travel on if they've been left sitting for too long.

Here are a few consequences of being Parked Too Long:

  1. Tire Bubbles. Tiny pockets of air form between the tire cords and the outside rubber treads. Over time, separation occurs, which can lead to a blow-out. Essentially, the tires structural integrity has been compromised, and the tire is moving into a state of decomposition. Driving on these tires can lead to severe consequences. Keep in mind, tires do have expiry dates, and a tire left for too long on a parked vehicle can fail even if the tire expiry date has not yet been reached. To learn more about how to check your expiry date CLICK HERE.
  2. Flat Spots. The portion of the tire touching the ground can become rigid and flatten out. If driven, these flat spots can create vibration leading to a loss of traction, handling and control. It may surprise you to learn that flat spots can occur on vehicles that have only been parked for a few months. If your tires have developed flat spots, you'll notice it immediately in the first few kilometres of driving. Flat spots can also cause uneven tread wear, READ MORE about how to identify the different types of wear.
  3. Sidewall Cracking or Splitting. If tires are allowed to deflate or remain completely flat, small cracks will form in the folds of the rubber. Once re-inflated, the cracks may deepen and if driven upon, can result in complete tire failure. A blow-out can have dire consequences and even lead to an accident and injury.

Vehicles are meant to be driven and when left to sit for extended periods of time, begin to deteriorate. Start your vehicle and drive it around occasionally to keep the fluids moving, prevent seals and gaskets from drying out and tires from failing. And remember, if your vehicle must sit for an extended period, new tires will likely be required before returning it to the road.

At Lacombe Quick Lane Tire & Auto Centre, we check and rotate your tires every time you're in for a service, READ WHY regular tire rotations are so important for your tire's health and longevity. And if your vehicle has sat for a time, bring it by the shop. We'll let you know of any tire wear issues and offer you the best price on a new set of replacement tires with our Price Match Promise. CLICK HERE TO GET A QUOTE. We've got tires for every make and model of vehicle with all the major brands. We'll keep you safe on the road today and every day.
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