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The Danger of Worn Out Tires

Depending upon size and the overall diameter, the average tire will rotate nearly 1000 times in one kilometre. And with every rotation, tire treads gradually wear down, resulting in reduced handling, control, and performance. Over time, tires will become worn out - meaning little or no tread is left on the surface of the tire - a recipe for trouble.

New tires typically have a tread depth of between 10 and 16/32nds.  It is recommended that tires be replaced when the wear reaches the tread depth indicators present on all tires. Tires are legally considered unsafe at 2/32nds. We can measure your tires for you, stop by any time to the Quick Lane Tire and Auto Centre or click here to book an appointment.
Serious consequences can result from running worn tires; not the least of which is a ticket for driving an unsafe vehicle.

Consider the fact that your tires must traverse a variety of road conditions. On a single day, your tires might encounter asphalt, puddles, potholes, concrete, gravel, mud, and debris, none of which a worn tire can manage safely.

Worn tires are prone to a variety of issues including:
  • Tire Grooves Functionality. They are designed to channel water away from the centre of the tire. If little or no tread pattern remains, the tires will actually begin to ride on a thin film of water, reducing traction, braking and control.
  • Traction Loss. Tires are comprised of different compounds, and the treads of a tire is actually made of different rubber than the tire body. As a tire wears, fewer grooves, sipes and ribs are exposed, meaning less traction the tire has against the road surface. Even under dry road conditions, worn tires make it difficult to accelerate, brake or control your vehicle..
  • Overheating. Tire treads actually help cool the tire and reduce wear by dissipating heat. Tire blowouts can be caused by under and over inflation. A worn tire is far more prone to a blowout than a new or slightly used tire with adequate tread. A blow out can cause a radical loss of control, and the result can prove deadly for the driver and anyone else on the road.
Worn tires are unsafe. There's no more straightforward way to put it.
If your tire treads are bare, they must be replaced for your sake, your family's safety and your peace-of-mind. It's also worth pointing out that even if your tread is better than 3/32", your tires may be expired. Click here to learn more about how to tell if your tires are expired. At Quick Lane Tire & Auto Centre, we check and rotate your tires every time you're in for a service. We'll let you know of any tire wear issues and offer you the best price on a new set of replacement tires. Our Price Match Promise guarantees you'll get the best deal in Central Alberta Click here to get a quote. We've got tires for every make and model of vehicle with all the major brands. We'll keep you safe on the road today and every day.
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